Nov 2022

Online Meeting 2

UNIBUC & COMU coordinated the online meeting in two sessions. Partners spoke of the e-newsletter preparation process, project infographics, curriculum modules and timesheets during the meeting.

Oct 2022

Progress Report

COMU submitted the progress report to the Turkish NA prepared with the contributions of the partners.

Sept 2022

Knowledge Paper and Curriculum Development

Partners revised the content of the knowledge paper and went on to develop the curriculum that would be used as a teacher training programme.

Aug 2022

Website Translations & Sharing & Promotion Activities

Partners started to translate the webpage contents of the project website. UE prepared a Sharing & Promotion Plan to boost the dissemination of the project results.

July 2022

Risk Management

With the leadership of UNIBUC, partners went through the risks that may result in failure in some project activities. The mitigations were determined accordingly.

June 2022

Kick-off Meeting

The meeting was a success with the participation of all partners. The management issues and work packages were handled in detail during the meeting sessions. After the meeting sessions on the first day, the partners came together for a social dinner and the next day, a cultural trip to Troy's antique museum took place.

May 2022

Introductory Meetings & Workshops

Partners started to organise the introductory meetings to meet COMPUSEL with their faculty members, students and organisation staff members. Also, workshops with primary school teachers were planned and put into action.

Apr 2022

Contracts & Other Activities

ÇOMÜ signed the main agreement with the Turkish National Agency. Then the partner contracts were prepared and sent to the partners. Partners decided to hold the kick-off meeting in June in Çanakkale. Also, the social media accounts of the project were opened.

March 2022

Knowledge Paper & Promotional Activities

Partners went on to work on the knowledge paper. The project poster was prepared and shared.

Feb 2022

Project Logo

The project logo samples were ready for the elections. Partners decided COMPUSEL logo by the majority of votes. Also, the knowledge paper template was prepared and the partners started to work on the knowledge paper.

Jan 2022

Coordination & Communication Set off

COMPUSEL teams were set up in Türkiye, Greece, Poland, Portuguese and Romania. An email group and a cloud archive were created. Partners held the first online meeting and discussed the preparation process of the first project result (the curriculum).

Computational Thinking in Enhancing Primary Students’ Social-Emotional Learning Skills

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