Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University (COMU) founded in 1992, with its new status and intake from Turkey’s large youth population, the university developed quickly in terms of the number of students, staff and facilities, spurring the opening of new faculties and colleges. The university has over 45,000 students participating in a wide variety of programs taught by 1600 academic staff in 10 faculties, 2 polytechnic colleges and 11 vocational colleges. • Teaching vision as the COMU is to have training emphasising general techniques in Medical, Agricultural and Educational areas. ÇOMU have different quality systems using various fields (Agriculture, Medical, Food, Management) as ISO 9000, 22.000 and HACCP.



İzmir Democracy University was established in 2016. Despite being a young university, it has 10 faculties, 3 institutes and 3 colleges. The university, which has competent academic staff in its field, is open to 13 graduate and 5 doctoral programs and continues its education. as a faculty member in Turkey working with the highest criteria is one of the top five public universities. It is a competitive and innovative university. İzmir Democracy University organizes dozens of social events every month with 50 student groups established in a short time.


The University of Évora was founded by the Jesuits Company and supported by the Portuguese royal family, in 1559. The University of Évora is now organized into 6 organic units: Schools of Arts, Sciences and Technology, School of Health and Human Development, Social Sciences, Nursing and a Doctoral School – the Institute of Advanced Studies and Research (IIFA), and offers 41 undergraduate and 120 postgraduate degrees. Research and Development (R&D) covers several scientific areas through a network of 14 Research Units, all of them submitted to an international evaluation, under the coordination of the Institute for Research and Advanced Studies.


The University of Lodz is a public research university with 13 faculties offering a broad range of disciplines in its teaching and research activities, from natural and life sciences to social sciences and humanities. It has 26.000 students, 2300 of which are international, and 2200 academic staff. A range of bachelor, master, and postgraduate programmes held in English as a language of instruction are offered to Polish and overseas students. In its strategy, the University of Lodz focuses on developing strong partnerships that foster long lasting and deep relationships worldwide.


The University of Bucharest is a leading academic centre and a significant point of reference in society, and it adheres to the principles of academic integrity and critical thinking. The University is one of the leading higher education institutions in Romania and South-East Europe by actively contributing through research and teaching to the development and use of knowledge. The University’s main objective is to offer high-quality academic programmes and research facilities and becoming a forefront of research and teaching. The University of Bucharest offers numerous study programs, from Bachelor degrees to PhD programmes, as well as lifelong learning programmes and Erasmus programmes.


KOINSEP CYCLADES-ALTERA VITA is a Register Social Cooperative Enterprise of Collective and Social Benefit (Koin.S.Ep.) based in Syros since 2015 and action area in the prefecture of Cyclades. In Koin.S.Ep. Cyclades – ALTERA VITA, they participate as active citizens, who are active in the social affairs of the Cyclades through collective actions through local networks that have been developed. The specific objectives: providing specialized services through culture, environment, education, utility services, health services, prevention and health promotion, the use of local products, the preservation of traditional activities and professions, tourism and extroversion, promote employment, with the empowerment of social cohesion and the strengthening of local or regional sustainable development.


Computational Thinking in Enhancing Primary Students’ Social-Emotional Learning Skills

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